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[OBD] How to Use the OBDII Device with Pumpkin Android Car Stereo

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:56 am
by Jammy
Recently, some of our clients said that they had problem when connect the OBD2 adapter to our unit. So in order to help them check and solve the problem, I write the below steps for reference.
Our android unit come with the Torque app which is related to the the OBD2 adapter, and most of the clients use the Bluetooth OBD2 adapter.

Step 1 : Plug the OBDII device to your car and start your car engine.
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Step 2: Enter the unit’s Bluetooth application, and set its paring code to the same as the OBDII scanner’s. ( Normally, our OBDII device’s code would be 1234 or 0000.) Then click the search button on the Bluetooth menu, the OBDII will be found and shown on the available device. Click the data sync button on the other page of the Bluetooth menu.
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Step 3: Open the Torque app and make some default setting. Please choose the connection way, OBDII MAC address and the correct protocol for your car.
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Step 4:If the first time the OBD unable to connect to your car(you will see the blue car icon always flash),you can exit the app ,next plug out the car key and plug the car key in and ignition ,then connect again .
Below is a tutorial video about how to use the Bluetooth OBD2 adapter, hope some help.

And here is another video about how to use the WiFi OBD2 adapter.