[Firmware]System Re-installation or Updating on Pumpkin Android Car Stereo DVD player GPS navigation Head Unit

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[Firmware]System Re-installation or Updating on Pumpkin Android Car Stereo DVD player GPS navigation Head Unit

Postby admin » Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:26 am

Situation 1:

If your device still can turn on to the main menu without problem, then you just need to download the firmware, normally it is just a single file with name “update.img”, just copy the file into an empty (micro)SD card, make sure the file is in root of the card.(ie, when you open the card, the file is directly located there)
update.png (4.88 KiB) Viewed 46782 times

Then please turn on the HU to main menu, insert the (micro)SD card into the GPS slot of the HU, please go to setting--about machine to click system update option manually, then the mini window will show.
Below is a short tutorial video to show you the whole process.

Please DO NOT disconnect power or do other operation to the radio while updating, or the HU will be damaged. Any artificial damage to the HU will void the warranty.

Situation 2:

If unfortunately the HU is already do not turn on to main menu, but stuck in the boot logo menu, then you may need to go to the Android recovery mode to install the system. First please also make sure you inserted the update card into the GPS slot of the HU. Just press the power button and the RST button, keep them about 5 seconds, after that, release the RST hole, then loosen power button, the HU will automatically enter into the recovery mode.
update2.png (417.69 KiB) Viewed 46782 times

Then you short press the power button to switch up/down, long press to choose “update system/mcu image from sdcard and clear all. The update process will be automatically done by the HU itself, below is a tutorial video for reference.

In case you may use the wrong firmware due to different item with different firmware, the firmware link will not be public here directly, please send us your order number and purchasing link from us, we will reply to your email address with the proper firmware. Or you can direct email above order information to, any email will be replied within 24 hours expect for Saturday and Sunday due to off work.

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