About writing post about the problem you suffered

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About writing post about the problem you suffered

Postby Jammy » Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:31 am

Hi all,
welcome to our forum and thank you first for believing and choosing our head unit.
1. First please don't publish any info which has nothing to do with our unit.
2. You can first search for some technical support article i published on the General configuration part or Files download part of this forum.
3. You can search for some issues that other clients met before via key words.
4. If you didn't find any solution here for your issue, then you can write an email or a message to the pumpkin customer service.
5.On you consulting post to the pumpkin customer service, we hope you can tell us:
Your order ID&order date;
The details of the issue(when did it happen&what happened&what did you try to do to fix it);
Attachments(It couldn't be better if you would provide us with pictures or video link);
It will help us understand the issue and provide you right solution.
Your car model and made years;
You phone model and system version(if it is regarded);
The rest of the supplement.
Thank you for your kind understand and cooperation and we hope you won't even need contact us at all,lol. :)
PS: 1. Any query, you can directly consult our pumpkin customer service or write to for help especially you want to return, repair the unit or get the refund . I can not help for those issues.
2. If you have already contacted to our pumpkin customer service, please don't write your query here again to increase my workload :). We are a same team.

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