[SWC]How to Connect and Set Up Steering Wheel Controls

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[SWC]How to Connect and Set Up Steering Wheel Controls

Postby admin » Mon Dec 14, 2015 5:55 am

All Pumpkin Universal 1/2 DIN head units are compatible with vehicles that have analogue steering controls (SWC), some additional wiring is required.
- With the help of a multi-meter locate the + and - SWC cables from your vehicle.
- Connect the + and - Key wires on the supplied SWC cable (all vehicles are different some have only 1 live others have 2)
SWC1.jpg (43.49 KiB) Viewed 36950 times

If your vehicle has digital steering controls you will require an ISO harness with steering interface and patch lead. We recommend using connects2 adapters with CTCHINAHULEAD the patch lead should then be connected as above.
SWC2.jpg (18.54 KiB) Viewed 36950 times

Once this has been completed the steering wheel functions can be programmed with the unit, this procedure varies depending on the user interface of your unit as a general guide please follow the steps below.
Enter the settings menu of the stereo and select Steering Wheel Control, this will access the SWC set up interface, here is a quick guide to programming:
Press “Clear All”, to clear the unit memory (not required by all units)
Now you can begin the programming of the specific functions:
1. Select VOL- on the stereo,
2. Press the same function button on the steering wheel, wait for the display reading to give a steady read out.
3. Repeat this process until all relevant functions are programmed
4. Once all functions have been set press the COMPLETE button (not required by all units)
5. Exit the SWC interface and go to the Home screen
6. Press VOL+ to check if programming was successful.
swc3.jpg (36.1 KiB) Viewed 36950 times

Additional Information.
SWC set up is trial and error, in most cases you will find your first attempt successful however if you find not all functions work or 2 buttons operate the same function can follow the advice below.
Firstly if you have 2 lives connected try each live individually on each connection, then try them together on the opposite lives.
Secondly if your stereo has Hi-Z and Lo-z (also called resolution) try the above combinations again.
Finally try grounding the SWC GND from the SWC to the stereo instead of the SWC circuit.

During programming all presses should be slow and deliberate to ensure the best range is set, if 2 keys commonly register the same function do not program these together change the programming order, it may take more than one attempt to get this right please be patient and take your time, if in any doubt have a qualified professional check your connections.

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