Customer review on Pumpkin Android 9.0 Universal Applicable Infotainment System Car Stereo

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Customer review on Pumpkin Android 9.0 Universal Applicable Infotainment System Car Stereo

Postby Jammy » Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:46 am

I found a car stereo at an affordable price these days. When you are going for a budget build, you definitely expect to make some compromises. Maybe this not be the best car stereo on the market, but it is the best value. The model we are going to talk about is Pumpkin Android 9.0 universal applicable infotainment system car stereo.
Scope of delivery
- car stereo
- power cable with Canbus
- camera adapter box
- GPS Antenna
- Wifi Antenna
- External Microphone
- Radio Adaptor
- USB Cable
- USB Extended Cable
- User Manual

► Material/quality/appearance/processing
The processing of the Pumpkin radio is very high quality, you notice this immediately when you unpack it.The radio has a matte black finish. The knobs and buttons are very stable, feel comfortable and have a good press point.

► Technical data
The radio has a Qcta-core with4GB DDR3 RAM and the internal memory is 32 GB.With this data, the Android 9.0 system running fluidly and without problems. You can install and play current games on the radio.

The radio supports GPS (preloaded with the Google maps APP) and capacitive touch screen, Bluetooth, steering wheel remote control, Wi-Fi, 3 G, FM, AM, RDS, OBD2

Through the supplied GPS antenna,the navigation runs very well.The site search takes just a few seconds after switching on and is extremely accurate.  I have experienced no GPS dropouts. Together with the Google Maps app, the navigation is super easy to adjust because it works like the route planner on the PC or on the phone.

The radio has a TF card reader. This reads standard micro SD card which is used for the extension of the store. (E.g. maps for different countries)

► FM Radio
The radio works fine, it is easy to use. It is convenient to switch channels, and can enjoy different service.

In particular, I find that you can control the volume via the buttons. So you can look the radio even without use. This is definitely a plus point of this radio model.

► Sound quality
The radio impresses me not only with its easy operation, but also by a super sound.The radio has 4 audio outputs with each "real" 50 watt.The heights are very clear and the basses have a rich sound.

► Bluetooth 4.0
The Bluetooth connection is initialized in a few seconds the first time. Each additional time you have to do nothing more.The phone will connect automatically when it is in range of the car. This is very handy, it has a free external mic, so you can clearly listen the bluetooth calls. What’s more, it can read the phonebook, you can call when you can drive and still focus on your road.

► Wifi, Wlan, 3G
The radio convinces with extremely many high-end features. So, as a Wi-Fi access inside the car radio can build up. Friends and family can connect to it and thus surf the Internet over 3G.

► Suitable Cars
The radio has a 2 DIN standard form and thus fits in much cars.

►Smartphone mirror
For Android phone, you can mirror and control on the unit via USB cable connection. As the iphone, you can just mirror on the unit via wifi connection.

► Conclusion
Overall, the price/performance ratio of this radio is not to beat. He keeps everything he promises and can be controlled touch screen through the incredibly easy. He has extremely many features that were described above.

Get more details about this car stereo here: ... google-map

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